Vegan Panda

“The best Sichuan street food in town!” We copied this slogan from every fish and chips shop, and we love it!

We respect the classics. The authentic flavours travel thousands of miles and thousands of years. We also made our proud twists: five different seasonal vegetables choosing from the best available (always changing!), less oil and salt, plus meat-free.

Besides the signature dishes, we also introduce something more fun. You can custom your own bowls to choose from different sauces, protein toppings, and garnishings.

Be aware, it could be hot! But not as hot as pandas!

Signature Dishes

Dandan Noodles


Signature spicy and numbing flavour, with savory protein-rich ground soy mince, crispy peas topping, assorted seasonal vegetables, famous Sichuan noodles, with our unique and exciting twist!

Cold Noodles


A popular summer dish in Sichuan. Chilled noodles, with assorted seasonal vegetables and shredded chick’n seasoned with a special unique flavor(guaiwei), which gives the dish a mix of spicy, sweet, savor and sour taste, just like life.

Silk Noodles


A comforting noodle dish. Mild spicy flavour, boiled noodles with silken tofu, assorted seasonal vegetables, pickled mustard greens and crispy deep fried noodle mix on top, which is a disco in your mouth!

Rice Noodles


A rich sauce noodle dish. Mild, boiled noodles with mashed chickpea, protein-rich ground soy mince, assorted seasonal vegetables. Get rich, not only in sauce!

Madam Tofu Ricebox

Madam Tofu

Longtime favourite “Mapo tofu” rice dish. Spicy and numbing flavour, with savoury protein-rich ground soy mince, green sichuan peppercorn, mushroom and assorted seasonal vegetables.

Kungfu Chick'n Ricebox

Kungfu Chick'n

Sweet and spicy rice dish, inspired by “Kung Pao” flavour. Soy protein chunks, spring onions and peanuts, green sichuan peppercorn, with assorted seanal vegetables.


Chilli Oil

Vegetable dumplings with heavenly delicious dressing of chilli oil, sweet aromatic soy sauce
(10 pieces)

Side Dishes

Silken Tofu

Silken tofu with vegan panda’s chilli oil, pickled mustard greens, cripsy peas, fresh coriander


Sichuan styled carrots, with mixture of silk-road spices, mild spicy and numbing flavor

Five Spice

A healthy and tasty snack, rich in protein


Chilli Oil

Vegetable dumplings with heavenly delicious dressing of chilli oil, sweet aromatic soy sauce
(4 pieces)


Lychee and Tea Jelly

With lychee, juice, earl grey tea and chia seeds


Diet Coke
Fruit-flavoured Sparkling Water
Zero Beer
Ice Tea
(Green Tea/Mint)
(Black Tea/Lemon)
Bean Tea
(Black Tea/Brown Sugar/Red Bean)
(Green Tea/Cannellini Bean)

Build Up Your Own

Build up your own sichuan noodles or rice box

( 1 )

Choose your base: noodles, rice, rice noodles

( 2 )

Choose your protein: ground soy mince,shredded chick’n, silken tofu, mashed chickpea

( 3 )

Choose your sauce: spicy sesame sauce, mapo sauce, fish- fragrant sauce, strange flavor(guaiwei)

( 4 )

Choose your garnish: coriander, spring onions, toasted sesame, crispy peas, toasted peanuts, crispy deep fried noodles


Openning: DELIVEROO (Wednesday – Sunday: 17:00-21:30)
Map: Karma Kitchen, 29-32 The Oval, London E2 9DT